Friday, June 27, 2014

First MTC Picture

Greetings from the South Africa MTC

Well, your missionary arrived safely at the MTC yesterday.  We were so happy to meet them and to have them here.  This group of 32 is the largest group we have had since our arrival in January.  We had a very busy day filling out forms, visiting the nurse, eating lunch and dinner, being interviewed by President Collins, emailing,  taking a tour of the MTC, unpacking, meeting companions, and then meeting together last night for our first spiritual meeting where we all taught each other about “The Doctrine of Christ.”  They did a great job and I can tell that we have an outstanding group.  We love them already.

We will do our best in the next 10 days to teach them and prepare them for their full time service in their fields of labor. 

With love,
Sister Collins

Michaela has Arrived Safely in Africa

I'm Here!  

I just arrived in the South Africa MTC after a long journey and I feel blessed to have arrived safely. After spending two straight days with Elder Woodward and Elder Smith, it's safe to say that we are really great friends.

We were sitting in the London airport over our 9 hour layover and all of a sudden Elder Woodward said, "We are basically team Harry Potter." I looked around and realized that Elder Smith, with his red hair, was Ron, Elder Woodward was Harry and of course I am Hermione (the head strong know it all). It was actually hilarious. I feel like I know them really well after talking for 48 hours straight.

We expected to meet up with a bigger group of missionaries in London but it was just the three of us until we got to the Johannesburg airport where we met up with 25 other missionaries, most of which are from Zimbabwe and are training here to serve in their home country. One Elder is from Zambia and he is excited for me to go to his country.
I am safe and happy in Johannesburg and I've already had an interview with the MTC president.

Many of the leaders here have connections to Alpine so it is comforting when I feel a bit out of the loop. I'm the only American sister and with my three bags I felt a little bit silly compared to these sweet missionaries with their one bag. I will email with more details and pictures another day but for now I need to go for scripture study. Hope all is well at home and the tears are done being shed. I love you so, so much and I'm doing great!

Sister Michaela Proctor

P.S. I definitely introduced myself as 'Michaela" to someone in the airport. I haven't gotten used to the whole "Sister" thing. Elder Woodward, Elder Smith and I had so much time together that I know their first, middle, and last names and they got them and they mine.

P.S.S. I am the only missionary going to Zambia from the MTC so I guess i'll be traveling alone. All will be well.