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I would love to hear from you on my mission! No matter how well we know each other or if we don't know each other at all I will appreciate any mail from anyone and I promise I will reply, even if it takes a while (African postage, am I right?).

My email:

My mission home address:
Sister Michaela Proctor
Zambia Luska Mission
Plot No. 14038
Katima Mulilo Road
Lusaka, Zambia

Dear Elder:
My mission is not a pouch mission so you have to pay a little over $1 to write me via dearelder.com but that is a way to send me a snail mail letter without wondering how many stamps to put on. Just select the Zambia Lusaka Mission.

If you are cool enough to send me a package, it must be small or else I've heard they "get lost". I have to pay a tax for big packages when I receive them so keep them as small as possible. But I would love you forever. Send packages to the mission home address.

Direct Address:
If you want the address of the place I am actually living (I hear that is faster than sending it to the mission home), just email me and I'll give it to you.

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