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Knowing Him by Faith

Nov. 23, 2015

Sister Zohner and I. I love this woman. She was trained in my flat in Blantyre and ever since we have been good friends. I'll miss this shorty.

Me with the STLs. I love Sister Bingham and Motsi!
Sister Ratema forgot her tag on the way to church so I gave her my extra one. Everyone got pretty confused and she kept telling people we were sisters and my parents adopted her haha
Elder Mohlakoana and I. He was my zone leader but now he's been transferred to Lusaka for his last 6 weeks. We were in the same district in Lilongwe. Born and died with him basically. Good guy. And I promise we didn't plan to match...
Darling Family,

It was a lovely week indeed. My heart is so full. I am so happy to be here.

Mrs. Kapembwa continues to progress well. This week she told us that she has already been inviting all of her family and friends to the baptism and we didn't even tell her to do that. That shows how sincere her heart is. The problem is that she will be out of town all of this week that we were supposed to prepare her for her interview. I am feeling really conflicted because I want to see her baptized so badly before I leave but I'm not sure if she will be ready. We wanted to talk to her about it and then she started going on about how she started counting down to the 6th of December. I am praying very hard to know what would be best for her. I don't want to baptize her out of my own interests if she's not ready, but her desires are certainly sincere. I love her so much.

Zone meeting was pretty emotional because it was my last. See all the pictures with Sister Zohner. I gave my final testimony to the zone and talked about how I felt when I was set apart. I always imagined a big weight to be added to my shoulders when I got set apart but when hands were actually laid on my head I felt like I was made lighter--I was given extra heavenly help. I testified that we have heavenly help at all times. What a blessing it has been to be here. I can't even describe how I feel in words. After I said, "Amen," I still had to chorister the closing hymn which happened to be, "Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessings." Perfect.

We received a referral from sisters in Kitwe with only a name and address. Addresses can be pretty hard to find in Zambia but it seemed pretty straightforward so we got in a taxi and headed in that direction. We planned on just getting dropped off in that general area and walking around to find the house but the taxi driver decided to go the extra mile and help us find the house. We were driving up and down and asking everyone and soon this taxi man became our good friend. We were speaking a mix of Bemba and Nyanja and Chewa together and I couldn't stop laughing. The house ended up not existing. That taxi man will definitely be blessed for his efforts. Haha

We finally got to meet with a less active we have been trying to meet with since I arrived in this area. On our way there, President Kanta called and asked where we were and if we could join us for our next lesson. It ended up being perfect because he was integral in this man's conversion process. We discussed the sabbath day and centering our lives on Christ and the Spirit was so strong. 

The Africa Southeast Area had a conference broadcasted from Salt Lake with many speakers including Elder Carl B. Cook, Elder Quentin L. Cook, and Elder Dale G. Renlund and it was so powerful. Two thoughts that I really want to ponder further upon is 1) We were invited to more frequently talk of Christ. How often do we talk of Christ in our conversations with friends and families, over text, email, or in person? I want to be better, even though I am a missionary and Christ is basically all I talk about. I want to be better at home. And 2) Carl B. Cook asked, "What blessings have you received this year? What blessings are you still waiting for? What can you do to qualify for these blessings?" Reflect on these questions. You will see where you need to change and what more the Lord has in store for you.

As I have continued my study of the Atonement everyday I am finding the Atonement in everything. The greatest thing the Spirit taught me this week is that the reason I have come to know Christ so much on my mission is not because of my hours of study, though that is definitely contributed. You can read books and books about Jesus Christ but if you do not do then you won't really know Him. The reason I have come to know Him is because I have felt just a sliver of what He has felt. I have suffered for His cause. I have pushed through physical and emotional pain for Him. I've gone through pain to bless others. I can't compare my challenges to His suffering but I know that my knowledge of Him has come from taking up my cross everyday and following Him. I haven't only walked by sight (reading the scriptures) but I've walked by faith. I've taken action. That is how we can deeply know Him. 

Also, the Pearl of Great Price is contributing to my Atonement study. Heavens, it is so deep. I studied Moses 7 this morning and nearly exploded because I felt so much love from Heavenly Father. Though He, of all people, has a perfect eternal perspective, He still weeps for our situations NOW. He knows where we are going and where we will be but He still weeps when we sin. What a compassionate Father we have.

In other news:
-My health is getting better.
-Rainy season is upon us so it's either really hot or pouring rain.
-We found a couple of grandmas this week who live in a house with 5 generations. What? How is that even possible?
-We were about to get slammed by a huge storm as we walked home in the dark one night and then a random person stopped their car and offered us a ride. I am convinced it was an angel because I've never seen them before or since. We gave that angel a Restoration pamphlet :)

By the way, I think we are going far out to the bush next Monday to see a chimp orphanage so I may or may not email. We shall see. 


Sister Proctor

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