Monday, January 12, 2015

Reminiscing and Hoping

Jan. 12, 2015

Seeing Rodrick (and his brother Chifundo) again. Too good.

Out to Chinese in Lusaka! I love all of these sisters.

The Malawi STLs. 

Yes, our height difference is cartoonish.

Sister Falco is a doll. Every time we reunite I just am the happiest.

My sister and friend Priscilla. She is almost a year in the church (in Feb) and she gets her mission call soon!

Darling People,

This week was absolutely lovely because I had the blessing to fly to Lusaka with Sister Dlamini and the Blantyre zone leaders and attend Mission Leadership Council. Every single moment of that two day meeting was pure light. I don't know how I got so blessed to get to be apart of it. When I sit in that room with the other leaders of the mission I feel like a mouse among giants but oh, how wonderful it is. President Erickson picked us up from the airport and on the way back to the mission home he said, "The Lord commanded his disciples to take up their cross and follow him. You are doing it." The Spirit just filled me--it was a good way to walk into MLC.

Being with the other leaders was just so exciting. I got to see Sister Falco and Sister Quaye from Lilongwe and I could hardly suppress my smiles. Sister Lyon and I were the only STLs that were the same from the last MLC. It is just so amazing to be in a room full of such choice people. The first question that President asked was, "What does it mean to you to be apart of this council?" It means the world to me. I feel the Savior's trust in me. I feel like he is calling on my to be bigger than I am. It's the best feeling in the world.

One of the sweetest moments of that council was talking about our mission goals for the year. The one we discussed for a long time was our baptismal goal. With all the numbers from last year and with our vision for what we want Zambia and Malawi to become, we came to set a goal of 750 baptisms. That is a virtual district in one year. As a council, we all knelt down and asked Heavenly Father to accept our goal and when our knees hit the floor it felt like a ripple went through Zambia and Malawi--this is the beginning of something great. It is going to take a lot more obedience and effort and prayer and coordination but I know we can do it. And I know that in that room there were heavenly hosts there to say, "We, too, will help."

The Blantyre zone leaders called on us to do a role play for their part of the council (basically you act out a lesson to practice how you will teach in real life). That was a good reflection of how much I have grown on my mission. I got up there with my companion and taught the Assistants to the President in front of all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and President and Sister Erickson and I just felt confident. My confidence and ability to listen to the Spirit and teach has grown so much.

Testimony meeting was also sweet. Every single time I bear my testimony I say, "I love being a missionary." It's true! I feel it all the time. I love this. This time is such a blessing. I loved what another Elder said, "God did not call us to be leaders because of any merit to ourselves but he called us to make something of us." I am eternally grateful for a God that sees my eternal potential and now my current weaknesses and flaws.

On the way back from MLC we had a 4 hour stop in Lilongwe before our bus left for Blantyre so I GOT TO GO BACK TO MY OLD AREA. You guys. I never thought I would ever be able to do that (or at least not until I came back to visit my mission some day). It was surreal driving through Lilongwe. I know it was only two months ago but it feels like forever. I got to see Rodrick, my recent convert, and Priscilla, my Malawian sister who taught with us all the time. It was the happiest thing. Little tears filled my eyes as I walked through my area again. When Rodrick opened the door and saw me he screamed and it was adorable. It was bittersweet because though it was wonderful to be back, it wasn't the same. That era of my life is over and I can't go back and experience the same light that once was there when I ran around being a crazy child with Sister Orr. It just reaffirmed to me that I am in the right place here in Blantyre. This is where I am supposed to be and I wouldn't be who I am right now without the challenges that Blantyre has presented to me.

We basically lost all of our investigators in the past two weeks, not from being gone for three days but just because none were progressing and so many just down right rejected us. Even the two who were preparing for baptism and were just golden suddenly moved away without telling us. It was a good thing I was full of hope and optimism for my area after MLC or it could have been really discouraging. 

BUT we pressed forward and yesterday we found the most perfect family ever! It was so exciting! This is something I have waited for my entire mission. I had to pinch myself to see if it was actually real life. We sat down with a mom, a dad, and two kids, they all spoke English, and both parents have good jobs. I just wanted to burst into tears. I have been praying so hard for my area to be rekindled. Teaching them part of the plan of salvation was so full of the Spirit. I can't wait to go back to this family and teach again.

Something I learned at MLC is that the baptismal invitation is not there to actually set a date or have them say yes but it is there to let people know your purpose. Even if you know for a fact that they will say no, it is part of our responsibility as missionaries to invite in the first lesson (or second) to let them know our purpose. Malawians are always open to Bible studies but when they know that we are there to help them make a covenant then it shows us quickly who is serious. 

Well, life is glorious and I am a happy little child here in Malawi serving the Lord. Hope you have a great week!
Sister Proctor

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  1. that was a big surprise sister Proctor, after i saw you I shaid tears, i was tears of joy I never thought that i will see you again.