Monday, February 23, 2015

Showers, BOM Raps and Service Projects

Jan. 26, 2015

Pounding casava leaves at Susan's house.

My nice nice blister,

Sister Dlamini and I trying to be legit but we aren't.

Sister Mntungwa and I. We can't take this singing thing seriously.
Darling Family,

Just an update on the water status: After 14 days of bucket baths I had my first shower last night. It was freezing cold but it was running so I felt blessed. You don't know how hard it is to wash this long of hair in a bucket. Hopefully the water is back to stay. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Last Pday we went to our investigators' house and recorded a song they wrote. These guys we are teaching our rappers/singers (authentic African swag) so we told them that they should write a song about the Boof of Mormon. It was mostly about Jesus but it was still super fun to record our song in their little mud house/recording studio. The walls have egg cartons on them because apparently it helps with the sound. Sounds legit.

We had a sweet district service this week at the zone leader's investigator's house. Her yard but sort of overgrown so we weeded and cut the grass. Lawn mowers aren't really a thing in Malawi so we were given these long curved knives to wack the grass with. I got some good looking blisters but it was a good time. The Elder's in my district are awesome. 

We had a sweet lesson with Susan, one of the members that we work with a lot. She has lived with her uncle since she can remember with no real feminine influence so it seems like she has fallen into feeling like all life is is cooking and washing and cleaning. We taught her about goals and how God can and will help her to accomplish even grand, seemingly impossible dreams. We asked her what her deepest desires were and then sort of went around the room sharing our deepest desires. I obviously have a lot of dreams but I've never thought in depth about the greatest desires of my soul. When I examined my heart I found that above all--my desire to write and to travel and to explore--I want to be a wife and mother. Yes, I know I am a sister missionary but ultimately I want to raise a family in righteousness. 

We had our first lesson with this one guy called Moses who is a teacher at a secondary school in our area. As we got to know him he expressed how he knew that it was no coincidence that we met. We just contacted him as he was leaving work one day and he said he had since pondered that out of the 31 teachers at the school he was the one that we met and stopped. It's always cool to see when people recognize that it is God that directs our paths to meet. He wanted to meet with us at his school first before we met his wife and family so our next lesson we will get to teach all of them. I am excited to see where they go.

Multiple people this week have had a hard time believing that before we came to earth we were spirits living with our Heavenly Father. It's funny that many times the argument that one person has starts a trend for every other investigator. Many people here believe that we are just made up of bodies and the breath of life and when we die the breath just returns to the air. I personally think that is a depressing doctrine. It gives me eternal hope and joy to know that I am known of God, not only now but an eternity before this mortal existence.

Well, opposition continues to hit us hard. There are so many hard things I could focus on but it makes life 10x happier when you focus on the good. There is still a ton of rain and a ton of cancellations and a ton of rejection but we also finally got a few investigators to church and I saw Alinafe (our recent convert) teach primary for the first time and it was adorable. He was having the children repeat, "JESUS LOVES ME!" There are too many things to be grateful for.

I hope you all have a great week. Look for the good!

Sister Proctor

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