Monday, November 16, 2015

Final Transfer

Oct. 26, 2015
I have this secret obsession with reading past Liahonas and Ensigns. I found this article and couldn't stop laughing because I get called "mzungu" aka white person everyday all day.
My new companion is the one on the left. She's a cutie. Trained by my dear friend, Sister Hirwa.
My crazy Ugandan district leader. We came to Luanshya together and now he's back to Lusaka again. You can never quite predict transfers.
She finally let me take a picture with her. Farewell to Sister Mulunda.

Darling Family,

Well, kids. This morning I sent my companion on a bus to Lusaka and now I am emailing in Kitwe with my new companion, Sister Ratema! We are here for the afternoon until we get a ride back to Luanshya. Sister Ratema is 6 months on mission and from South Africa. She came down to Lusaka for immigration one time so we've already been on a 3-day exchange and I love her a lot. I am so grateful to have an amazing companion for my last transfer.

I've decided that I want to study the Atonement everyday until I go home because the Atonement is the why of sharing the gospel. If we didn't have the Atonement then there would be no need to go out and preach the gospel everyday or call anyone to repentance. We would all be damned in our progress without it. So far, I have learned so many beautiful truths and it really is increasing my desire everyday to be better and try my very best until the end. How amazing that the Savior had full power to end his suffering at any time in the garden or on the cross and die but he persevered until the suffering was complete. I am so grateful for my dear Savior.

It was Sister Mulunda's last week in the mission field so it was mostly a lot of goodbyes and getting things done. We went and served that family that we are teaching, the Chilambos, and it seemed to soften the wife's heart. What better way to serve a young mother than to wash all the dirty clothes? I'm pretty much a professional hand washer now.

Gilbert is still doing well though not coming to church. That seems to be the issue with everyone in Zambia. But his issue is greater because the "brother" that he stays with is actually a "brother in Christ" from church so he's scared if he leaves his church he will not have work or a place to live. I am praying that he clings to the truth that he is coming to know.

Everyone seems to be shocked when they hear where we live. As we are leaving investigators house they ask, "You are WALKING home?" Also, it's like 90-100 degrees everyday. I think all things Luanshya is the refiner's fire :)

I have been looking forward to finally viewing General Conference and this weekend we got to view it. For some circumstances I will not disclose, we were running about an hour late to get there. I was so frustrated because all I wanted to do was hear the prophets and apostles and I couldn't be there on time. I was praying so hard that something would happen to delay the viewing. When we get there, the power had gone out and they had only seen the opening hymn. 10 minutes later the power came back. Sometimes these power outages can be a blessing.

General Conference was so lovely. I feel that it was a great clarion call to remove the unnecessary from out lives and step up as valiant disciples in these last days. Every talk seemed to invite us to go back to the basics of scripture study, prayer, temple attendance, service, and Sabbath day observance. We have much to do. I can't wait to ponderize and simplify.

To celebrate Sister Mulunda's mission, the Kantas invited us over and we killed a chicken. That is the second time I've participated in killing a chicken. The rumors are true that when you cut a chicken's head off it will still run around. Yep.

Love you all!

Sister Proctor

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