Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fighting the Good Fight

Sept. 22, 2014

Dearest Family,

Well, I can't lie and say that this week was easy. It was probably the hardest week I've had so far on mission. But I feel so blessed to be fighting this fight and being in the Lord's army. The opposition hit us super hard this week. Nothing seemed to go quite right. So many people just dropped us or didn't show up or went away and so therefore we did a LOT of walking and a LOT of praying.

Even Sister Orr and I had some struggles. I am definitely learning the importance of communication out here. We have become such good friends so it is easy for us to assume the other person knows what we are thinking but when we don't it can cause conflict. We have had a lot of good talks and things are all good now. I love my companion so much. It's good to have someone you can turn to and find a helping hand or a stupid joke to get you up off your feet. 

I think the hardest part of the week was that my weaknesses seemed to be displayed out for everyone to see. They were made plain to me and it was humbling and potentially discouraging. Mission has a way of bringing out the little weaknesses you didn't even know you had. But I feel the Lord working inside of me and helping me to become a better person. Perhaps one of the greatest miracles on a mission is the changes you see and make within yourself.

But there were still redeeming things about this hard week and I am still as happy as ever. Last Pday we were walking to the market a different way than normal and we found this huge bridge to cross. I will send pictures but it was as if we had been transported into Indiana Jones. It was just made of long boards of wood with large gaps in between. You could feel the bridge sway as you walked across it. It was bridging the gap between markets over cabbage fields and a little river that runs through the city. I can't really do the beauty and adventure of the moment justice but I will send pictures. Later that day we went grocery shopping and as we were walking around the store, the power went out in the whole place and it was pitch black. I just laughed and laughed. Only in Africa.

That same less active that made me cry last week we went to visit again and the juxtaposition of the two visits was so hilarious. Instead of yelling at us for an hour, this time she was falling asleep the whole time. She just kept looking at me with crossed eyes as I shared the scripture we had planned and I was just dying trying to hold in laughter. I think she would make a good character in a future book. She is either falling asleep or raging mad. There's no in between.

On Saturday we were sitting on a curb waiting for a referral to meet us in front of this church and these two guys walked up to us. This was the conversation:
Them: We do some business. We sell stuff.
Us: What do you sell?
Them: you want some?
Us: Does it look like we're interested? (pointing to our tags with JESUS CHRIST on them)
Them: No, we were just asking.
Us: Ha, well you are very welcome to come to church!
Them: Does it look like we're interested?
Us: No, we were just asking...

I laughed so much. Man, dese people. I don't think I've ever so directly been offered drugs before. So funny. You never know, maybe we planted a seed!

I think yesterday was hardest because almost none of our investigators/recent converts showed up for church. One thing that just filled my heart with joy when I was feeling a bit defeated was seeing a couple and their little boy walking down the dirt road to come to church. They just barely got baptized (Chisomo&Mercy) and Chisomo and their son Joseph were both wearing crisp white shirts. I love seeing them so faithfully coming as a family. It's the happiest thing to watch.

Well, I love you all! You are wonderful. Have a good week!
Sister Michaela Proctor
P.S. I haven't sent my weekly scriptures for a while so here is a list to catch you up:
Mosiah 2:41
Mosiah 4:9
D&C 64:33

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