Sunday, September 28, 2014

Work Hard, Play Hard

Sept. 15, 2014

Dearest Family,

It was again another great week. Here's how it went:

Tuesday: |There was a zone meeting where they handed out a letter from our mission president. He was clarifying some of the mission rules and one was involving music. It sounds silly, but I had a hard time processing it because I brought only music that I felt was appropriate but according to his clarification did not quite meet mission standard. It got me thinking about myself and my personality vs. my personal culture. At first it kind of upset me to think of deleting certain songs that reminded me of my past but may not be "spiritual" per se but as I prayed about it (I know, it's kind of silly that I had to do this much processing on something so little) I realized that my music from my past life isn't my personality. Just because I delete a song doesn't mean I am giving up who I am. My songs are my personal culture which is the manifestation of my personality. I am still me even if I don't have the songs I would prefer. I am putting aside my personal culture for now and living the culture of the Lord. That is ok. That is refining and good. I will have these songs when I get home. I can sacrifice my own culture to be obedient and submissive. I want to do everything I can to be obedient but it doesn't mean that I am perfect at my willingness. I am still working on that. But the Lord is blessing my heart and helping me with my weaknesses. Hopefully that paragraph made sense...

We had a movie "party" at our recent convert's house, Daniel, and invited a bunch of recent converts and investigators to watch the Joseph Smith movie. We watched the old edit of the movie and I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan but the Spirit was the teacher and all in the room were touched by the prophet and his devotional and sacrifice.

Wednesday: We work with a recent convert called Pricilla twice a week and she translates and fellowships for/with us. She was only baptized in February but she is already working on her mission papers so she can leave as soon as she is one year in the church. Her faith and excitement about the work astounds me. I really hope I stay here in Lilongwe to watch her open her call.

Thursday: We found ourselves with very few progressing investigators last week and it made us re-analyze our approach. This week we decided to go hard and ask everyone we could possibliy think of for referrals. As a result we got a whole new pool of investigators and it was so cool to watch a little bit of work and a whole lot of prayers and faith manifest in the people we found and began to teach.

Friday: We did exchanges this week again with the other companionship in the flat and I especially learned from Sister Quaye (from Ghana). We had kind of a super rough day full of walking miles and miles and very few lessons. We met with one of our less actives and that resulted in the first time I've cried here in Malawi. She yelled at us for an hour straight in Chichewa and we couldn't pacify her no matter what scripture we shared. Sister Quaye was so bold and just stopped her and testified. She continued yelling after that but you could tell she felt something. Then I finally built up the courage and through my tears testified to her that we wouldn't be here if we didn't love her and we were called by a prophet to come and represent Jesus Christ and let her know that He loves her and knows her personally. It's amazing how even when someone is yelling in a different language you can't understand it can still be upsetting. I've been praying a lot about this lady. I'm not quite sure how to proceed to help her but I do know that I felt the spirit when I boldy testified and that is what matters.

Saturday: We saw a miracle. One of our appointments fell through so we were going to go visit the sister of the couple that just got baptized and when we got to her house the whole family was there. Chisomo and Mercy (the couple) "happened" to walk in and find us teaching his sister, parents, and brothers. It was so directed. They just sat down and shared their testimonies about the Book of Mormon and the Spirit was so strong. Both Sister Orr and I have felt that we really need to start teaching their family and the fact that we just showed up unannounced and they were all there sitting in the same room it was like they were saying, "Come teach us." It would be so cool if they were to get baptized and even cooler if Chisomo could baptize them. We don't get to teach whole families almost ever so it was just an amazing lesson and orchestration.

Sunday: We had church outside because they tore up the chapel floor. Our building is still being built because we are a new branch (therefore the building is still undedicated). All during sacrament meeting there was a little chicken just walking up and down the aisle and it was SO funny. It was chirping so loud and I just kept thinking, "How many people have chickens walking around their sacrament meeting". It truly is an adventure everyday here.

We went to celebrate an investigators birthday at his house and teach a lesson and his friend, Gift (recent convert), was there too. He was one of the people last week that got involved in anti material. At the end after we had born our testimonies and closed, he asked if he could bear his testimony. He simply said, "Through prayer and study I have found that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." My life was made. Those are the kind of moments missionaries live for.

Love you!
Sister Michaela Proctor

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