Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Our mosque adventure in Lilongwe right before I left for Blantyre

Lone Peakers! I love Sister Rasband and I'm sad to see her go!

All us Blantyre sisters at KFC. Yes, that exists here. Sister Rasband isn't happy because she doesn't want to leave Blantyre. My new companion is the Zim lady on the far right.

I love my Mozambiquano :)
Dearest Family,

Well, I have truly loved my time with Sister Bulha but we got a call from the zone leaders this morning and after a year in Malawi Sister Bulha is being transferred to Lusaka. So yes, I am getting a new companion on Wednesday. I got to serve with Sister Rasband for exactly two weeks (Lone Peakers) but now she is going to Lilongwe (my home town) and I will get her old companion, Sister Komiha from Zimbabwe. I feel pretty at peace I suppose except that I still don't know my area and I have to take the lead now. Everything will be ok.

This week was hot and cold, both literally and figuratively. A couple of the days this week have been so cold you could see your breath and then other days I could barely keep walking because it was so hot. A couple of the days were so successful--we found so many new people this week and it's been sweet--but a couple of days nothing seemed to go right and everyone dropped our appointments or flat out rejected us. We showed up to one appointment and the door was open but when we called, "Odi!" no one came to the door. We called the guy and he said that he was far away but his son was home so he asked if we would teach his son. Finally we began to leave and as we passed the old car in front of the house we could see his son was hiding in the back seat. We got a good laugh out of that. Yes, we have gotten to that point.

I feel like I didn't write about everything I wanted to last week so this email might be bit long. These emails are a good process for me and it lets you hear about all my thoughts, experiences, and adventures.

When Presiden Erickson came for interviews he taught me a really amazing lesson. He told us the story of Cain and Abel and how it relates to us on our missions. Satan did not tempt Cain not to give a sacrifice. He tempted Cain to give a sacrifice less than his best. He told us that we went through the temple specifically for our missions and we promised to sacrifice our all. This mission experience is our test. God wants to see if we will give Him our best sacrifice. That is something Elder Bednar talked about in the Africa Southeast Area conference this past Sunday. He invited all the Africans to give their best to the Lord because only our best sacrifice is good enough for Him. That includes striving to develop ourselves so that we can give an even better best than we have in the past. The area conference was powerful. Elder Bednar, Sister Stevens, and President Uchtdorf spoke. It was cool to hear these General Authorities speaking directly to the African people. These people are so dear.

One investigator that I just love in Ndirande is Ian Mafuleka. He is this 60-year-old, white-haired man that is the most stubborn man you'll ever meet. He has been investigating the church for over a year now and he's gone through about 12 missionaries, including President and Sister Erickson and some senior couples. He's famous in Blantyre for being the forever investigator. He knows everything is true but I'm still trying to figure out what is stopping him from getting baptized. I'm determined. Mark my words, that man will be baptized. Soon.

If there is one way that Blantyre and Lilongwe do not differ it is the way my skin stands out. Heavens, I can't blend in to save my life, no matter how much Chichewa I learn or how tan I get (still white). One of the first days in Blantyre this drunk man began to follow me and asked me to marry him and I said, "I'm already married." He said through his slurred speach, "No you aren't!" and I said, "Yes I am. I'm married to God!" and he started laughing and said, "God don't marry no babe". Too funny. Another day all these men were calling out, "AZUNGU!!" and I wouldn't turn so finally one said, "WHITE ANGEL!" Oh man. These people, they like this skin of mine. Another day a whole school of children saw me walking and started chanting, "Azungu, Bho!" from probably 200 meters away. They never seem to get used to the white girl in their town.

But to make up for that, the other day I was in our members house, Susan who works with us twice a week, and I was making the nsima and she looked at me and said, "You are Malawian!" Oh my goodness, I was so happy to hear that! I've worked hard to be good enough at nsima to be called that. I still need to improve but I'm becoming an African woman. Woohoo!

Another investigator I truly love is Alinafe Mkandiwire. That guy is so full of light. He began investigating with sisters about a year ago but then his father found out and got angry so he stopped meeting with them. Now we are teaching him again and he is so amazing. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and at the end of the lesson I asked about his father and he picked up his water logged, falling apart Book of Mormon and said, "I was like Moroni. I buried my Book of Mormon so that my father wouldn't throw it away." I wish you could see that book. Alinafe is full of faith. I'm excited for his baptism in December!

One thing that the Spirit taught me this week was that He can witness unto us of truth because he has WITNESSED all truth. Wherever there has ever been truth or light he has been present. He can witness to us that Joseph Smith is a prophet because he was there when the first vision occured. He can witness to us that Christ lives because he saw Christ come forth from the tomb. If you want to know any truth or receive any light the Spirit can give it to you because He has received it all. I thought that was a cool impression.

Well, I love being a missionary. These transfers can be strange and hard but I am learning and growing so much. And how can I not be happy when old men in the Blantyre district with no teeth come up to me and read my tag and say, "Sister Protector! Protect me from falling down! Hahahaha". These people are so funny. I love them. So many people have ready my tag and said, "Sisters protected by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Too good. I will forever be Sister Protector.
Have a glorious week!

Sister Michaela Protector

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